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Mission Statement
“Mt. Moriah Ranch, Inc.’s mission is to provide a safe, godly, and therapeutic environment for wounded hearts to heal.”

Purpose Statement
“To glorify God by helping the afflicted and traumatized rebuild their lives through faith and relationships.”


Since its inception in 2013, the desire of Mt. Moriah Ranch’s founder, Lindsay Anderson, and board of directors, has been to provide a place where people who have been entangled in life’s difficulties may come to receive healing for their wounded hearts and learn how their story is redeemed through the sacrificial love of Jesus. Generally, the activities and relationships at Mt. Moriah Ranch are designed to augment work the individual does with counselors, social workers, psychiatrists, pastors, and other helping professionals. But in keeping with its purpose, Mt. Moriah Ranch also works with those in leadership and serving professions who may need to reenergize or restore their passion for their life-giving work. With the use of horses as an integral part of the restorative process for all clients, the team at Mt. Moriah Ranch believes that clients are allowed to learn “in the moment”.

Most often the work between the horses and individuals is done on the ground, as learning to ride may cause the person to lose focus on the internal matters of his/her heart. Given the opportunity, horses have much to teach us about life. They are social animals just like humans with distinct “horsenalities”, attitudes, and moods. Because horses cannot lie, cheat, or steal, they provide an avenue to show unconditional love. They communicate happiness, anger, fear, and oftentimes mirror, or react to, a human handler’s emotions. At Mt. Moriah Ranch we establish specific activities for the client(s) to do with the horses where the client is empowered to make choices and face adversity in a safe space.

At Mt. Moriah Ranch, the equine-assisted session isn’t the only part of the process that we believe holds the power to open broken hearts to the healing of the Holy Spirit. We endeavor to create a calm, peaceful environment where joy and tears are held as equally honorable parts of the human experience. Where there are not defeats and victory, but learning and celebration. In this regard, we see the intangibles within the character of our staff members to be of paramount importance.

We seek to honor the trust the Lord Jesus has in allowing us to co-labor with Him in this work by showing His patience, kindness, love, self-control, joy, and perseverance to our clients, fellow staff members, family, and all we connect within our spheres of influence. Only in this way can the lessons learned at Mt. Moriah Ranch be truly life-changing.

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