Equine Specialist and Founder/President of the Board of Directors

Our founder, Lindsay, is passionate about using horses to share the love of Jesus Christ. It was (and still is) through horses that Christ has helped her better understand His magnificent grace and kindness. Lindsay practices natural horsemanship, working and building relationships with horses on the ground first and then progressing into the saddle. She is constantly expanding her knowledge about horses and horsemanship through new certifications, trainings and immersing herself into the world of horses. In her free time she loves spending time with her husband, K.J., their son, Storey, and their two dogs: Simon Birch and Sammy. Lindsay enjoys getting lost in conversation with others and making new friends. One of her favorite sayings is, “If you speak your mind, ride a fast horse.”


Secretary of the Board of Directors

KJ currently serves as the Secretary of the Board of Directors. He has been on the board since its inception in 2013 and is the husband of Lindsay Anderson, the president and founder. His foremost passion in life is to glorify God. He realized early on in Mt. Moriah’s development that God was calling him to be a part of this wonderful ministry and to serve others through it.
For over 10 years KJ worked as a high school science teacher, and is now a high school principal. He loves fishing, spending time with his wife and family, and he will likely defeat you at your board game of choice.


Treasurer of the Board of Directors

Angela has worked the past 16 years in the non-profit world, both in finance/accounting, and fundraising/special events. She had no idea at the time that God was preparing her for the position she now holds on the Board of Directors at Mt. Moriah Ranch. Whenever she talked to Lindsay about Mt. Moriah Ranch, she always pictured herself as a ranch hand-mucking stalls, cleaning feed buckets, and loving on the horses. She is actually quite good at mucking stalls!
Being a wife, mother of four, and grandmother of nine will bring you through a lot of life experiences! It’s these experiences that have taken her through brokenness, hopelessness, and regret. She has also found healing through the grace, mercy, and hope in a relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s her heart’s desire that others will also find this healing at Mt. Moriah Ranch.


Equine-Assisted Coach and Board Member

Whether teaching lower elementary, counseling adults, mentoring, or formational coaching, Michelle Childs has been involved in the helping professions for over 30 years. Having known Lindsay for several years, and her vision for a place where wounded hearts could heal, Michelle knew she was in for an adventure when she accepted Lindsay’s invitation to become part of the Mt. Moriah team. Now, she wishes she had found out years ago how helpful working with horses can be. Michelle and her husband, Michael live in Hudson, Florida, with their spunky rescue dog, Missy. Although Michelle claims to be retired, when not helping at the ranch she is busy being an author and has certified her dog, Missy, as a therapy dog.


Board Member

Michael is a passionate follower of Christ and brings a history of successful grant writing to Mt. Moriah Ranch. He enjoys running and bicycling but does not compete in triathlons as “he swims about as well as a rock does.” If he is not at his computer or exercising, he is making a mess in the kitchen trying a new vegetarian recipe.